Kindred Animal Services

About Kindred Animal Services

Hi – my name is Paula Dodge, I was born and raised in Medford, Oregon and currently live in Milwaukie, a suburb of Portland with Lily, the butterscotch tabby I inherited from my sister.


I am a student of world renowned spiritual teacher and healer, Dr. and Master Zhi Gan Sha. He teaches us how to heal ourselves, how to heal each other and that together, we can heal the world.


I believe the purpose of life is to serve and I am extremely lucky because it’s my task to serve animals! 


As a Certified Tao Communicator and Healer, I have unique authorities and abilities to transform almost any suffering in the lives of you or your animals. I work on the soul level. The soul gets sick usually way before any physical symptoms appear. I connect with Heaven and my guides and receive information on what the core issue is, what the original cause is/was and what course of action or healing plan will give the best outcome.


I work with the animal and the family and I love my job!