Kindred Animal

The mission of Kindred Animal Services is to strengthen the bond that already exists between humans and animals and help clarify the communication between the two.

The soul gets sick long before symptoms show up in the body. 


As a certified Tao Communicator, I have the ability to ‘see’ the cause of an illness or condition and suggest a treatment plan.


This is not limited to physical or health issues, but includes behavioral and other life situations that need help.


We offer healing for conditions that may be beyond the ability of modern veterinary medicine.

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We will work with the whole family to heal the situation.

We treat all ‘animals’ including pocket pets, birds, fish, lizards and livestock, humans, horses and unicorns, too. 


There is an increased fee structure for animals over 300 lbs.

Where do we start?

Our initial ‘get acquainted’ visit is complementary and is normally 15-30 minutes long. This visit will include a reading to establish what the cause of the issue is and what treatment plan will be necessary.
It will be done by Zoom, over the phone, or in person. It can also be done by email or all of the above.

All services are performed remotely, unless otherwise arranged or requested.